An introduction for One Point in 2017.
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First Impressions Matter: Resolving User Experience for Syndicate Sales

During my first year at One Point, the company underwent a significant transformation, rebranding from Quality Printing to One Point to reflect its evolution into a Print On-demand B2B company, offering online services such as customized stationery. My role involved working closely with our sales team to implement solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. One notable project was our collaboration with Syndicate Sales, where we developed a portal for their agents to customize fliers while maintaining brand consistency.

Initially, the setup seemed straightforward. However, as we delved deeper, Syndicate Sales expressed the need for customizable fliers with the ability to switch out vases while keeping prices consistent across all materials. Despite encountering a bug within the EFI Portals software, which threatened to derail the project, I spearheaded a solution dubbed “the download, upload method.”

This innovative approach involved integrating a download/upload feature into the portal interface, allowing users to seamlessly customize both sides of the fliers. While unconventional, this method proved effective in circumventing the software limitation, ensuring a smooth user experience. Despite initial skepticism from our IT administrator, the solution garnered approval from key stakeholders and ultimately impressed Syndicate Sales.

Vase Unlimited Figma Mockup PDF

Vase Unlimited Image Credits

This mockup illustrates the proposed solution implemented for Syndicate Sales. Please note that the company name ‘Vase Unlimited’ is fictional and used for illustrative purposes only.

Although EFI never addressed the bug, our ingenuity and resourcefulness resulted in a successful partnership. The project underscored my ability to think creatively under pressure, problem-solve effectively, and deliver solutions that exceed client expectations.

Data-Driven Decisions: A/B Testing for Email Optimization at the Academy of Model Aeronautics

During my tenure at the Academy of Model Aeronautics, we identified a concerning trend: members were not engaging with articles featured in our monthly magazine notification emails. Analysis revealed that while members were opening the emails, they were drawn to those with customized thumbnails over generic summaries.

In response, we embarked on an A/B testing initiative to optimize our email design. We developed two distinct templates for comparison. Template A retained elements of the original design but featured larger images, while Template B prioritized negative space and incorporated the headline within the thumbnail.

Upon analyzing the results, both templates demonstrated significant improvements in member engagement. However, Template B emerged as the preferred choice, indicating a preference for its streamlined design and enhanced visual appeal. This initiative showcased our commitment to data-driven decision-making and our ability to adapt strategies to better meet member preferences.